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Mapping Media Scholars in the Art of Journalism

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Special thanks to Christine Bode for sharing my interview with Kofi Forson at Kofi Forson is a writer, poet and playwright living in NYC. His current blog is Black Cocteau, a mixture of philosophy and art in modern culture. His previously written articles include “Artistry and Celebrity: An Interview with Harry Goaz” among many others for Whitehot Magazine.  He sheds light on his inspirations and advice for artistic and scholarly treatments of cultural figures and artifacts in popular culture. Read his...

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The Unknown

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Ask where my home is? After my 29th flight in the last 14 months, I must say that the plane has become my third home. Moving out of comfort zones has become my way of living that can be practiced everywhere. And that’s what I continue to do in my two homes. February and March have been filled with deep living in unknown spaces again. I went back to Costa Rica where my beloved and I continued to explore and discover karmic, yogic, and vegan-friendly spaces that are ideal for holistic reading and writing retreats. San Jose, Samara, and Montezuma were particularly awe-inspiring and filled...

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Driving Words

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“The ‪dance‬ is a poem of which each movement is a word”. Mata Hari’s beautiful and powerful saying is part of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit’s journey in which she explores dance as a metaphor of life.  She quotes Carl Sandburg and further highlights that “poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” Read more on her dance page. Madhuri Dixit is one of the many famous actresses who not only acts but also dances, and shares it in interviews and on stage.  That’s how I grew up – witnessing art as a creative element of fame.  For me, fame...

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