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Feminist Stories in Bridging Gaps – Reflections

Posted by on May 4, 2019 in Blog, Critic's Area | 0 comments

                  I finally shared my opinion piece on #MeToo Huge thanks to Texas-based Brown Girl Magazine for publishing it. More at the end of my previous op-ed published by Feminism in India, which marked the start of my Ph.D. in Australia: How can these stories make a social change? What is the art of storytelling, literal and visual? Earlier this year, I had the privilege of reflecting on a couple of poignant articles that celebrity...

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Op-Ed Publication – Feminism in India (FII)

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I am honoured to share that Feminism in India (FII) just published my op-ed essay – incredibly proud of the Delhi-based women’s magazine that takes actions and gives voices to violent issues within and beyond India. My huge thanks go to the editorial team for publishing this critical piece. I also received supportive thoughts from Mumbai Press Club at a time when actress Tanushree Dutta started the #MeToo Movement in India. The highlighted section (below) is one of the posts that FII tweeted. You can read the complete article...

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Interview with Dr Kabir Bedi – Journalism and Storytelling

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As we step into the New Year, I would like to recall meaningful & valuable words from a recent interview on journalism and storytelling with film actor Dr Kabir Bedi.  More coming up in 2019-2020 publications…  What are some of the ethical issues that you notice in tabloid journalism and in fandom when it comes to popular culture? Kabir Bedi: Tabloid journalism, by its very nature, will want to seize sensational stories. It needs headlines, so whatever is the most sensational aspect of the story, that’s what will be highlighted. As far as fandom goes, fans want any and all...

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Stepping into 2019 – What’s Moving You?

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Hope the Brazilian Samba in the video moved you! But that’s not it. For me, there is more… It’s feminist freedom – the freedom in feminist storytelling – that has moved me across borders, literally and metaphorically, in the last 2.5 months. I just came back from a 10-week journey with my carry-on luggage across India and Portugal – yes, I travel light! But that has enabled me to rush to multiple locations that needed my activist voice. Was it easy? NO! If you have followed my Instagram, I was in high-risk situations day and night but stood firm as a woman. And I am so incredibly proud...

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Aretha Franklin’s Music – In Yahoo! Entertainment

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I am pleased to update that Yahoo! Entertainment shared my thoughts on why fans are reaching for Aretha Franklin’s music more than ever – you can read here now: Special thanks to Raechal Leone Shewfelt for the interview. In addition, I accepted an offer to be a co-editor of a book on glamour and fashion and finished the first draft of my feminist novel – 216 pages so far. Yeay! I thought the 2nd draft would be easy to simply update – after all,...

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