Life of an Actor vs Film Star – 5 Lessons

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Life of an Actor vs Film Star – 5 Lessons

I am super excited for my short film “The Leak” (2022) that just released on the site of the film director, also my life partner.


As the short releases, I get flashes of what a theatrical release would look like for a film star:

  • Red carpet reception
  • Media interviews
  • Photoshoots for magazine

Once upon a time, I experienced glamorous events and just got honored as a “Celebrity Scholar” in CBC National News. Here is a clip:

But that was just a by-product of extremely hard work.

At the end of the day, I am a non-union independent actor who paradoxically studied fame and glamour during Doctoral research & journalism.

In the process of research & acting, I learned 5 life lessons that are key to success for any working actor:

1) Start a positive morning, celebrating your life – it motivates & rewards goals in your professional life. Here is a video on well-being that I love

2) Learn, love, and respect the hard work of fellow crew members. Read Matthew Cornwell’s post…

3) Celebrate your wins! Read #5 here

4) Build community – this creates lasting happiness with like-minded people and long-term relations in your network. Here are live talks, illustrating how I am building community dialogues at the Wall of Fame Film Festival – join!

5) Create opportunities – instead of depending on work coming in, develop spaces and resources that not only support your goals but serve fellow actors & filmmakers in your network. Read more here

What life lesson would you suggest to a fellow actor?


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