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Samita Nandy

Samita Nandy

“The dance‬ is a poem of which each movement is a word”. Mata Hari’s beautiful and powerful saying is part of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit’s journey in which she explores dance as a metaphor of life.  She quotes Carl Sandburg and further highlights that “poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” Read more on her dance page.

Madhuri Dixit is one of the many famous actresses who not only acts but also dances, and shares it in interviews and on stage.  That’s how I grew up – witnessing art as a creative element of fame.  For me, fame has been an art.  Like any piece of art, fame gets commodified. The politics of art fuels the economy of fame, and it is common in social spaces. What makes Madhuri unique is that she emphasizes her passion for dance as a key element in her artistic career.

Dance is the driving force of my journey as an author on fame as well.

I also walk. I also travel.

Above all, I love. Ethically, sensually.

Now feel, what is intrinsic in love, dance, walk, and travel? It is ‘movement’ – an expression that can be overlooked in pursuits of success.  In The Right to Write, Julia Cameron emphasizes movement as a key element in writing. Sean Redmond poignantly highlights moving and sensing bodies in Celebrity & the Media – a book I am currently reviewing.

You know some of the driving forces behind my words.  There are more secrets behind my veil.

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Keep moving!

Samita Nandy

Photo Credits: Jeremiah Hill.

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  1. Hello my beautiful friend! These images of you are absolutely stunning, as are your words and your open heart! I wanted you to know that I’m sharing these images on Pinterest on My Clients board using hashtags so that hopefully they will help to drive a bit of traffic to your blog. Every little bit helps, right? Much love, joy, good health and prosperity to you! xox

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