The Unknown

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Samita Nandy

Ask where my home is? After my 29th flight in the last 14 months, I must say that the plane has become my third home. Moving out of comfort zones has become my way of living that can be practiced everywhere. And that’s what I continue to do in my two homes.

February and March have been filled with deep living in unknown spaces again. I went back to Costa Rica where my beloved and I continued to explore and discover karmic, yogic, and vegan-friendly spaces that are ideal for holistic reading and writing retreats. San Jose, Samara, and Montezuma were particularly awe-inspiring and filled with wonder. One can become a walking piece of meditation and turn one’s roots into stepping stones. There were unspoken words, driving forces, and a deep vision for all – open hearts and sensing paths.

Samita Nandy

In all places, my private hotel became my yogic studio, my canvas, my café, and my tree house that was playful and filled with colours. Stepping out of the hotel door led to the discovery of woods, cafes, and bars that were like studios and galleries, filled with images and visual sensation.

These sensations triggered a question in me:

If our private & public space is our cafe, our bar, our writing / art / dance / yoga / studio – all at once – how does it unfold authentic life that we aim to re-present and re-construct?

What should be upfront has become underground. Behind the door.

Samita Nandy

Yet, these shared spaces bring life to the body with which we read and write, and to the writing that speaks of life – a life that values learning.  We live in a world that categorizes and separates us instead of sharing oneness and learning from each other.

During this period of travelling, I completed and submitted my newsletter, book chapter, and book review.  I also discovered and experienced driving forces, unspoken words, and unwritten paths that question what has been set for us and what overlooks authenticity in celebrity culture. Asking ourselves to open our hearts and to be on our path is probably asking for a little bit more: what are those unknown spaces in which we sense ourselves and open our own door?

Photography: Louis Massey
Location: Costa Rica

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