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Centre for Media & Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 4th Anniversary

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Celebrate Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 4th anniversary and join our pre-conference meet-and-greet at Sheraton Times Square Hotel on August 30! Thanks to our board and media for worldwide support since our launch on in August 2013. Details of our NYC conference at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism & Perth conference at University of Western Australia are given in our 50th newsletter – share widely! Special thanks to Celebrity Studies (Routledge), keynotes, chairs, and committee members for the upcoming conferences. Have a great month and see...

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Red Light Express

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Can a red light become just light?  I think so. I am not talking about traffic lights or electromagnetic radiation. I am talking about red light districts, where girls are trafficked in sex trade. My cousin Trina Talkudar, co-founder of anti-trafficking NGO Kranti, empowers Asia’s most infamous red-light area in Mumbai and turns daughters of sex workers into agents of social change. I was in awe and admiration when I heard personal stories during her graduation in Washington D.C. last month.  I was also pleased to meet and share time with Sheetal Jain, one of the revolutionary daughters who...

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Celebrate All Life and Shine as a Star – 13 inspirational tips for 2013!

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Dear Celebrity Culture Readers, Hope 2012 was full of learning and set you on a new journey! When I was flying from Singapore to London on New Year’s Eve, I was thinking of my resolutions for 2013. At the same time, I was aware that celebrating New Year is a symbolic construction and resolutions can be idealistic, generalized, or limiting our potential. Maybe innovative ideas of individual progress are more effective than absolute resolutions? Considering the above question, I suggest engaging with ideas that are specific to our distinct journeys in life. In my writings and consultations, I...

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