Red Light Express

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Samita Nandy

Can a red light become just light?  I think so.

I am not talking about traffic lights or electromagnetic radiation.

I am talking about red light districts, where girls are trafficked in sex trade.

My cousin Trina Talkudar, co-founder of anti-trafficking NGO Kranti, empowers Asia’s most infamous red-light area in Mumbai and turns daughters of sex workers into agents of social change.

I was in awe and admiration when I heard personal stories during her graduation in Washington D.C. last month.  I was also pleased to meet and share time with Sheetal Jain, one of the revolutionary daughters who is now in D.C. I listened to her empowering story on how she is healing and creating change through artistic endeavours.

Now the Kranti daughters are performing in a global theatre movement called ‘Red-Light Express’, a three-segment representation of their past, present and future –their mothers’ work, their childhoods in brothels and NGOs, and their discrimination, abuse, and struggles there.

They also have hopes. They also have dreams like you and I do.

They have been covered in CNN, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal among many more.  Now they are performing in international cities where you can meet them.

Starting from 6 May, the Kranti revolutionaries will travel and perform in London, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, and return home on 17 June 2015.  Here is more information on Kranti and their performance tour:

Kranti Theatre

We looking forward to seeing you at the performance!

See the light. Be a voice. Kranti needs you.

Photo credits: Jeremiah Hill Photography

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