Turning Tears into Words

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Turning Tears into Words

Hope October is going well.

I am about to draft the 54th edition of Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) while I continue being an executor for my father’s estate.  I celebrated his 75th birthday on the last day of our CMCS conference in New York – haven’t seen him for over 35 weeks. I will never forget the sense of deep loss I had while being cheered for the immense success of our research centre.

I was moved to tears.

Sometimes, we lose to succeed. I had nothing to lose – I was in deep loss already. I lost everything I could but had to turn moments of that loss into success for all. I love my dad who was behind the success of CMCS. And I love our worldwide CMCS followers. I truly believe that they deserve to be stars.

So I turn my tears into words.


I sponsored our first op-ed writing webinar with Josh Nathan from University of Colorado Denver & Jennifer Polk from Beyond the Professoriate last month. Since then, we have received a lot of requests on branding and persona, which are important for all writers. Special thanks to Josh and Jennifer for this outstanding webinar. We are excited to share more.

If you missed the webinar, access our recorded video, PowerPoint presentation, writing tips, articles, and sample op-ed pitch letter below ‘Register Now’ on this page now: http://cmc-centre.com/conferences/nyc2017/


After the webinar, NYC keynote speaker David P. Marshall offered a special talk on “Fame Histories” at McGill University in Montreal. Here is the Prezi link to his talk: https://t.co/EEF3t3ryMv. He was also invited as a speaker at Ryerson University in Toronto, where he shed light on gestural communication and emojis in personal expressions of public self. More in his Prezi here.

Also, our NYC invited speaker & TV host Nafsika Antypas shared my views on sexism and speciesism in Hollywood film industry.  Read the article here:  https://www.plantbasedbynafsika.com/single-post/2017/09/13/Sexism-and-Speciesism-in-the-Not-So-Female-Friendly-Hollywood.


As I mentioned in our last newsletter, Nafsika presented her talk and addressed questions at our NYC conference. She is an admirable journalist and media critic who uses research to address human, animal, and environmental ethics. Nafsika launched the world’s most eco-friendly lifestyle television show Plant-Based Nafsika on FYI channel, A & E Television Networks. You can now access her archived episodes here: https://www.plantbasedbynafsika.com/videos 

Have great week ahead and stay tuned for more updates.

In the meantime, follow my Instagram and Twitter and share your success stories there.

With affection,

Samita Nandy
CMCS Founder & Director



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