The Feminist and the Friend

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Dear Readers,

Last Sunday, host of Extraordinary Women TV Shannon Skinner and I had the honour to conduct a 3-hour media skills training workshop for the Feminist Art Conference (FAC) delegates at Ontario College of Arts and Design (OCAD) University. I also had the privilege to offer a pre-launch display of Fame in Hollywood North – the first ever history and theory of fame in Canadian popular culture.  A special thanks to WaterHill Publishing, Ilene Sova at FAC, Carmen Wong, and Nalini Mohabir for being a part of this journey.

Fame in Hollywood North by Samita Nandy

Fame in Hollywood North by Samita Nandy

The day of my Feminist Art Conference (FAC) media workshop and book display was also a special day for my dear friend, writer and speaker Lynn Manwar to attend After Breast Cancer (ABC) Pink Diamond Gala. I was going to see her the next day, but deeply saddened to say that I lost her that night – just like I lost my mum due to breast cancer. They both shared love and empowerment in my academic, artistic, and activist journeys.

With Lynn Manwar at the Raw / Vegan Festival

With Lynn Manwar at the Raw / Vegan Festival

Lynn’s greatest message was to celebrate every stage of life regardless of any circumstance.  She was a warrior woman and an inspiration to many people. Shannon Skinner also inspires many women with messages of wisdom and love.

The feminist in me shared compelling messages with FAC media workshop participants: how to use media to brand and communicate, advocate for social causes, and address controversial issues as a woman. These issues are related to the lack of human, animal, and environmental ethics.  Our romantic love can be controversial as well.

With Shannon Skinner at FAC

So how to do we tackle these controversial issues in media?

Develop a strong brand and effective public relations. More importantly, tell your story, be a living example of change, and implement compassion.

Read Lynn Manwar’s blog for some great life lessons and media appearances.

More updates will be coming up on my Facebook and Twitter.

Till then, keep shining.


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