The Birth of Chaplin’s Little Tramp: A 100th Anniversar​y Celebratio​n

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The Birth of Chaplin’s Little Tramp: A 100th Anniversary Celebration

June 26, 27& 28, 2014 Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna, ITALY Conference
Website: TBA

Statement of Intent: This 100th anniversary celebration of Charlie
Chaplin’s iconic persona, the Little Tramp, or as he himself named him,
the Little Fellow, will be an event geared towards the public first and
film scholars and aficionados second and third. We wish to invite
abstracts/proposals from speakers who can accommodate this audience
effectively, i.e., potential speakers should suggest topics dealing with
historical or humanities-related foci, rather than theoretical or
academic. The best proposals will discuss the Little Tramp persona in some

The event will be held in the beautiful northern Italian city of Bologna,
with one day of the celebration to coincide with the beginning of the
world -renowned Il Cinema Ritrovato festival (June 28-July 5, 2014):


David Robinson, Film Critic and author of Chaplin: His Life and Art Kevin
Brownlow, film historian and director of The Unknown Chaplin Kate
Guyonvarch, Director of Roy Export S.A.S. /Association Chaplin office,
Paris Cecilia Cenciarelli, Archivist and Head of The Chaplin Project,
Cineteca di Bologna, Italy Lisa Stein Haven, Associate Professor of
English and author of Syd Chaplin: A Biography

The following topics are meant to generate ideas for presentations, not
limit creativity or exclude participation:

*     The Little Tramp’s Music Hall origins

*     Chaplin at Keystone: The Process of Creating a Character

*     The Little Tramp’s Final Appearance: The Great Dictator, Monsieur Verdoux, or Limelight?

*     The Chaplin Imitator Phenomenon (Feel free to discuss a circumscribed time period for this topic)

*     The Little Tramp in Contemporary Film Criticism

*     Audience Reception: The Little Tramp

*     Consequences of A Woman of Paris: Chaplin’s Film Endeavor without the Tramp

All are welcome to submit proposals for consideration

Please send a 500-word abstract, a short bio and your contact information
by June
30th, 2013 to
Kate Guyonvarch
(please place Birth of the Tramp event in your subject line)

Conference Organizers: Kate Guyonvarch
Roy Export S.A.S.
58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris<>

Cecilia Cenciarelli
The Chaplin Project
Cineteca di Bologna
Via Riva di Reno, 72
40122 Bologna<>



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