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Moving Forward: An Intimate Evening on Paths, Success and Love

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Dear Celebrity Culture Readers,  In my last post, I mentioned a rare and intimate evening that is coming up end of this month! On behalf of The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies(CMCS), I am proud to introduce our second location The IndustReal Arts Room (688 Richmond Street, Toronto, ON) with premiere event Moving Forward on Saturday, March 29, 2013. A Canadian and Australian joint production, Moving Forward applies media, social justice, and science to empower individual and social change in a cross-disciplinary and intimate setting. Dr. Louis Massey opens the series with his...

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A New Language in Re-Birth and Deep Living

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Hope February started well for all readers!  A sincere thanks to all who joined my WordPress blog and Facebook page last month.  I am pleased to let you know that I will be embracing a new language and artistic culture while I continue to read, write, and speak on fame.  The language is Spanish and classes start tomorrow!  I honour this moment of re-birth as I observe my mum’s 10th anniversary of passing on tonight i.e., Feb 4 and her birthday on Feb 20.  While her deep loss breaks my heart into pieces and there are tears behind my smile,...

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One Love in the New Year

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Dear Celebrity Culture Readers, Although celebrating New Year’s Eve is a social construction, it symbolizes a beginning that often occurs in ‘re-births’ of self and in our ‘being’ every day.  In this respect, Toronto-based creative artist Ashima Suri ( affirms. ‘Be You’. Let us remind ourselves and all close ones: don’t just ‘do’ but rather’ be’ pure presence and love for One life force that runs through all living beings. On this note, I wish all readers and friends a wonderful Holiday Season and an...

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Celebrating Birth-Days!

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