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Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics

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Thrilled for the release of Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics by WaterHill Publishing! Thanks to Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) board members & editors Jackie Raphael and Celia Lam, and to all reviewers for such a fantastic contribution to the field of studies. I got the book and made notes – did you get your your copy? I highly recommend reading it! Visit to get a copy of the book and share your...

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Celebrity Studies – Latest Books

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Dear Celebrity Studies Readers, Hope your week started off well! Please find below some of the latest publications available in Celebrity Studies now: *  Cook, P. (2013) Nicole Kidman. BFI. *  Egan, K and Thomas, S. (2013) Cult Film Stardom: Offbeat Attractions and Processes of Cultification. Palgrave. *  Galbraith, P. W. and Karlin, J. G. (2012) Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Media Culture. Palgrave. *  McDonald, P. (2013) Hollywood Stardom. Wiley-Blackwell. *  Shingler, M. (2012) Star Studies: A Critical Guide. BFI. *  Smith, S. (2013) Elizabeth Taylor. BFI. *  Symons, A. (2012) Mel...

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