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Dear Celebrity Studies Readers,

Hope your week started off well!

Please find below some of the latest publications available in Celebrity Studies now:

*  Cook, P. (2013) Nicole Kidman. BFI.

*  Egan, K and Thomas, S. (2013) Cult Film Stardom: Offbeat Attractions and Processes of Cultification. Palgrave.

*  Galbraith, P. W. and Karlin, J. G. (2012) Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Media Culture. Palgrave.

*  McDonald, P. (2013) Hollywood Stardom. Wiley-Blackwell.

*  Shingler, M. (2012) Star Studies: A Critical Guide. BFI.

*  Smith, S. (2013) Elizabeth Taylor. BFI.

*  Symons, A. (2012) Mel Brooks in the Cultural Industries. Edinburgh University Press.

*  Thomas, S. (2012) Peter Lorre: Face Maker: Constructing Stardom and Performance in Hollywood and Europe. Berghahn.

*  Vincendeau, G. (2013) Brigitte Bardot. BFI.


Stayed tuned for the reviews in the Celebrity Studies journal published by Routledge.

In the meantime, the name of the above books will be added to the virtual library of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS).

Special thanks to Dr Stephen Harper at University of Portsmouth & Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association for the information on the books.

Stayed tuned for updated on CMCS soon!

With warm regards and affection,


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