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The Good & The Bad

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Critic's Area | 0 comments

  In one of Facebook posts, I mentioned the idea of writing my memoir. Will that book talk about all the good ideas that were expected of me in the past? I am a bad Canadian. I neither support political images of the Great White North nor do I buy hockey tickets. My book Fame in Hollywood North will tell us why. I am also a bad Bengali. I neither buy fish nor do I have to marry. Sometimes we conflate our belonging to a geographical place, a linguistic community or professional setting with what we are expected to identify. Often these expectations are associated with a sense of collective...

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The Sporting Body and Stardom: Rugby, Nation, and Celebrity

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From the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association The Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations Invites you to a public seminar on: Grav, Gav and Alfie: Rugby Union and Celebrity at the Centre of a Small Nation Dr John Harris (Glasgow Caledonian University) Wednesday, 1 May at 4-5pm Zen Room (CB403), The ATRiuM, University of South Wales, Cardiff CF24 2FN Abstract: This presentation will look at the cultural politics of sporting celebrity and the role of rugby union within contemporary Wales. Rugby is, of course, the national sport and many of its leading...

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