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Centre for Media & Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 4th Anniversary

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Celebrate Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 4th anniversary and join our pre-conference meet-and-greet at Sheraton Times Square Hotel on August 30! Thanks to our board and media for worldwide support since our launch on in August 2013. Details of our NYC conference at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism & Perth conference at University of Western Australia are given in our 50th newsletter – share widely! Special thanks to Celebrity Studies (Routledge), keynotes, chairs, and committee members for the upcoming conferences. Have a great month and see...

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Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies – Join Live Chat (Thursday, October 13)

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Barcelona CFP 2016 Bridging Gaps: What are the media, publicists & celebrities selling?

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Public personalities hold the power to draw attention to products, services, and charities through their endorsement. Celebrity activists, for example, can help to change the world. From Elizabeth Taylor to George Clooney, celebrities have proven that their status can help raise awareness and funds for issues such as aids, poverty and global warming. However, many activists have also gained fame by standing up for their beliefs such as Harvey Milk, Dian Fossey, Malala Yousafzai, and Rosa Parks, thereby bridging gaps between celebrity activists and activists as celebrities. Thanks to social...

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New York (2015) Bridging Gaps: Where is the Persona in Celebrity and Journalism?

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The Terrace Club 25 W. 51st St. (Off Fifth Ave.) New York, NY September 2-3, 2015  In tabloid journalism and in social media, gossip, rumors and scandals about celebrities develop intimacy among fans. Such gossip and rumour mongering serves a purpose in society: to build a common moral ground on the backs of celebrity lives. However what about the celebrities themselves whose emotional lives are consumed by us? The production, circulation and reception of these celebrities then negate the democratic role of journalism in providing value-free information and undermine artistic talent and...

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Celebrity Culture and Social Inquiry – 7th Edition

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On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) board, I am pleased to announce that the 7th edition of Celebrity Culture and Social Inquiry has been published. Highlights include: Dr Louis Massey and Dr Basuli Deb join CMCS media experts Dr Deb’s upcoming book Come, Cross the Line: Celebrity Lifestyles and Public Intellectualism CMCS board member Dr Anita Krajnc on SUN News Network and City TV Submission guideline for international conference Bridging Gaps: Media, Higher Education and Society. You may now access the newsletter for printing or review here. If you would like to...

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