Success in Post-Weinstein Era

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Success in Post-Weinstein Era

Photo Credits: Jeremiah Hill | Interview by: Riddhi Ghosh

If you read my latest interview on fashion and women, you may come out with a sense of success.

Samita Nandy

After all, it is about using fashion (or any symbolic / aesthetic mode of communication, for that matter) that is right for success in a workplace setting.  Success is not easy but we learn invaluable life lessons from hardships on our professional & personal paths.

For the last decade of my academic life and media career, I have often received harassment and unsolicited messages that discriminate women on unethical grounds of sex, race, and species to which I give voices. I have also observed that some men are victims of patriarchy in the process.  The roots of all oppression are connected. But, as a woman, I have specific examples.

I will share shocking facts in my second book. For scandalmongers, these can be juicy details.

At the moment, I will answer a more important question that I often receive: how do I create success despite all challenges?

For now, I will tell you some of my secrets.

Samita Nandy

Vintage fashion from my Mum Saswati Nandy

I educated myself and created my own organizations. At first, I trained myself as broadcast journalist and had a film production company called Premiere Cinematic Productions – I simply had a call to do so. Today, I have financial and creative control as a woman in a post-Weinstein era of Hollywood and give a voice to our thousands of members.  Together, we create personal values and material assets, invest funds, and hire when there is an opening.

‘Give a voice’ – that’s a key phrase to remember here.

Samita Nandy

Photo Credits: My Dad Samaresh Nandy

We stand strong together but has it been easy?

Obviously, not.

Often women and men are not encouraged to learn and rise.

But I have changed gears very fast and turned adversity into what success means to me.  Time is very short when it comes to giving a voice to urgent social causes.

I continue to write books, host conferences, and offer interviews on what life can become – not what it should be, especially when voices are silenced. That ‘becoming’ is what success means.

Along the way, I had magical epiphanies that can make us simply feel alive while letting others live freely.

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