Serendipitous Conversations

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Samita Nandy

The above shot was taken at a random conference & cocktail reception at Toronto Reference Library.  I turned my burning eyes into a heart open to words and wine there. Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) accountant Ubaid Rizvi kindly invited me after I buried my parents’ ashes at a sacred Zen garden two weeks ago. Gratitude goes to CMCS board member Josh Nathan for inspiring the garden as a magical sanctuary. He appropriately says that “their memory will always be cherished with a sanctuary eternally supporting life.” I could not think of a better garden and conference later that day – both happened out of serendipitous conversations.

Samita Nandy

In my bereavement journey, I learned that we have to stay open and intuitive in our actions and observations. We all have the capacity to co-create meaningful moments in the life that we have shared with living and departed ones.

We have to keep seeing with our hearts.

I also learned that cruelty-free pleasure and grief are two sides of the same coin called life. In the former, you gain. In the latter, you lose. Both are huge. And your dreams continue amidst the war of loss and gain.

Hope you had valuable weekend and wish you an empowering week ahead.

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