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Samita Nandy

Dear Readers,

Hope March started off well for all! It is a pleasure to update that I just received Celebrity and the Media from University of Portsmouth in the UK. I am looking forward to reviewing the book for Routledge publishers next month. I received the offer while I was travelling from Australia to Canada. You can have a glimpse of my latest journey here:   https://instagram.com/samitanandy.

Book Review

In Australia, my co-author Dr Hilary Wheaton and I had the honour and pleasure to speak at the inaugural Persona Studies symposium.  The talk was based on an area that we are passionate about: the persona and celebrity activism. Currently I am preparing my invited talk on persona, celebrities, and photography in Portugal – flying in 3 weeks!  At the same time, I am compiling an index for my first monograph Fame in Hollywood North (forthcoming) by WaterHill Publishers.  Here is a blurry snapshot! It is as blurry as my sense of where I am. With perpetual jet lags, I feel that I am in a constant transit mode. Writers can be like that – moving with words.


Sometimes an index is commissioned by a production assistant, but it is a significant experience for an author. It has enabled me to revisit key areas in deeper ways and connect with what you will find unique and valuable. The tedious task is rewarding and humbling.

Hope you have a memorable month and let me know what you find valuable and inspiring. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook to share some passionate journeys this month! 🙂

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