From Manhattan to Mumbai

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Samita Nandy

It has been just over nine weeks since I came back from Manhattan, where I hosted the last Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) conference on journalists, personas, and celebrity culture. We received such a phenomenal response that I am now sponsoring the next conference Bridging Gaps: What are the media, publicists & celebrities selling? in Barcelona. A huge thanks to my co-chairs Dr Jackie Raphael and Dr Celia Lam for organizing this exciting conference series.


I will be working on the conference as I travel – flying to Mumbai and Kolkata today. I am also excited to read Leo Tolstoy’s classic book What is Art during my flight! My dear friend, activist and CMCS board member Dr Anita Krajnc recommended this valuable reading. Tolstoy is known for his intellectual and sacred views on art, especially its ethical aspects. He is also known for his deep compassion for human and non-human animals and nature. However, historical exploitation of non-human animals and nature has resulted into an environment that is in clear danger and facing massive threats of climate change. This is the most critical issue that many celebrity activists, social advocates, and educators are addressing now.

So, in addition to sponsoring my media conference, I contributed to a Toronto subway campaign that is reaching over 25 million people with 1,000 ad posters on sentient beings, environmental sustainability, and climate change now. Read Paul Mahony’s educated response to the urgency of climate change and global warming I had an empowering conversation with Paul in Melbourne this year and advocating his work as well.

Samita Nandy

With the inspiration of Manhattan, much happened in the last nine weeks. I am incredibly grateful to rising supporters and followers of our current media and ad campaigns. I am sure there will be more developments to share after I come back.

The above photographs were taken in the Upper West Side where I organized my last conference. Join me on Twitter and Facebook for travel updates soon.

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