From Brain Pickings: Iconic Painter and Celebrated Reconstructionist, Agnes Martin

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Dear Celebrity Culture Readers,

As I travel with values of celebration, I come across reflections on celebrated icons.

Here is an empowering thought on the iconic painter and celebrated reconstructionist, Agnes Martin: “The best things in life happen to you when you’re alone.”  The thoughts have been shared on and I found it empowering for all!

Honour your solitary moments now. Create or embrace unique experiences in solitude.  It is a powerful way to celebrate your path and shine as a star.  You choose your abundance with clarity and set examples of uniqueness for others.

Ask yourself: What are the unique moments that have led me to where I am today?  Know that is is hard to overcome past conditions and bring yourself to the present moment.  Take pride in that moment.  If you wish to connect with others, connect through those moments that you create in solitude.

Stay tuned for reflections on my latest moments in Lisbon, Barcelona, and Toronto.   The post will share unique moments in celebrity studies and shed light on how we can all celebrate ourselves through the lens of popular culture.

Hope this finds you well and have a wonderful weekend ahead!

With affection,


Samita Nandy | Celebrity Cultural Critic
PhD Curtin University, Australia (Media)
MA   York University, Canada (Communication)
Founder, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)
Director of Communications, Nouveau iDEA
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  1. I agree completely Samita. A challenge these days is to find a quiet moment when in public places, as the operators of many such places feel the need to broadcast music, messages, advertising and the like. The value of solitude is not adequately acknowledged.

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