Fashion as a Political Act

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Fashion as a Political Act

I wanted to take a moment to offer special acknowledgements to our keynotes, delegates, and higher education publishers Taylor and Francis, Intellect Books and WaterHill Publishing for sharing latest research at the conference “Bridging Gaps: Where is Ethical Glamour in Celebrity Culture?” that I sponsored in Lisbon, Portugal on July 1-4, 2018.

img_20180708_093548_686-1840967872.jpgHuge thanks to our conference committee members Nicole Bojko and Kiera Obbard for supporting all the way from US & Canada. Here are some memorable moments with our best paper prize-winners!

The conference turned out to be immensely successful in terms of the theme and space. We took a step back from celebrity activism to redefine models and to push forward public intellectuals, famous activists, well-known critics, citizen journalists, and microcelebrities to use eco-fashion and other forms of aesthetic communication in becoming role models for human rights, animal ethics, and environmental sustainability.

Before I go further, I wish to reassure that you always have the capacity to be a role model – a living example of change. Popular forms of activism need every voice and presence.  And clothing, a textual extension of skin, is easy and powerful.

This is the first time we had journalist Luis Romo Fernando (above) who interviewed Elizabeth Taylor among many Hollywood stars – he featured Bangladeshi top model Bibi Russell and her personal words for CMCS. I am amazed by her usage of ‘fashion as a political act.’ Check out the following links about her: 

We also had Pamela Wunderlich’s contemporary dance performance showcasing ecofriendly slow fashion along with sensual Spanish music – this non-verbal communication was new for our academic conference setting.


Our ongoing fair trade coffee and organic vegan bakery along with cafe jazz & bossa nova music filled spaces in ways that are definitely hard to express in words.

All I can say is that we were touched and moved.

Complete set of conference photos are now available in our album – you can now see our opening cocktail night with martinis on the rooftop bar of Hotel do Chiado as well as closing moments with unforgettable Portuguese Fado music in the old part of the town Alfama!

Hope to see you next time and stay in touch for more updates in the meantime.


Samita Nandy


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