Famous Leaves

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Samita Nandy

Samita Nandy

Halloween is over, but neighbouring ‘Skeleton Park’ has not taken off its Fall costume made out of unstitched leaves.

As Fame in Hollywood North points out, Canada is famous for its Fall maple leaves. In fact, we observe more maple leaves than talent in Canadian representations of fame.

The leaves fall and ironically give rise to new thoughts.

The irony in fame is present in the ironies of nature. After all, fame is a mediated construction of our authentic nature in life.

And now, the vibrant, colourful leaves are like book pages‬ scattered around – waiting to be written and re-written.

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As I prepare for my upcoming travels, develop Celebrity Chat video series, and wait for the launch of Fame in Hollywood, pages of my notebook‬ are getting filled and filled with philosophical reflections on fame.

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There are many silent histories to be told…. and many famous Fall pages to fill.

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  1. I absolutely loved your analogy here of fallen autumn leaves being like fresh pages of a book just waiting to be written on! I miss my old neighbourhood & Skeleton Park too! I’ve always equated autumn with new beginnings as when we were kids we started each new year at school in September & before long the leaves would change colour and we’d be learning new things & making new friends. I think that is why autumn is my favourite season and you my friend, are a soul sister for all seasons. I’m so proud of you & wish you all the best with your upcoming trip to India as well as your fascinating work as well as all the unconditional love that you so freely share with those around you. You are precious and deserve to be treasured. With much love & gratitude, Christine xox

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