Entertainment vs Information in Popular Culture

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Samita Nandy

Samita Nandy | Photography by Louis Massey | Brooklyn, NYC

A huge thanks to new readers for joining my social media. Special thanks to Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) media expert and social media manager Christine Bode for her insightful and inspiring comments on the posts always. Gratitude also goes to former CMCS seminar “Moving Forward” panelist and Ryerson University’s Sal Greco for his opinions on my latest interview in Humber News. Here’s what Sal has to say about the Jimmy Kimmel’s Show video that I mentioned in the interview:
“Upon seeing the video shown on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, that message seems to be that any misinformed joker can narrate a TV show about animals, because the purpose of TV today is not necessarily to inform, but to entertain. (Most people go to webpages or other electronic sites for their useful info, so TV can change it’s function).

The message also seems to be that you don’t have to work hard and become an expert at anything to be wildly popular and get a high-paying job, as Snoop Dog would be doing if he got that job.  Many viewers would be vicariously living through him and get a feeling of accomplishment and reinforcement for their belief that they too can be lazy and still get by … and in fact get rewarded for it.  There may also be a portion of the audience, in this case witnessing a black performer, who likes to see a black person “fail” in a sense, at doing a credible job as a narrator and resort to misinformed musings which may be used by that portion of the audience (the racists), as an example of the ‘lack of competence black people generally display’.”
What do you think of the video?
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Samita Nandy

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