Creative Artist Ashima Suri – Idols, Re-Birth and Celebration

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Dear Readers,

Toronto-based Creative Artist Ashima Suri’s words are inspiring and shed light on embracing iconic figures in popular culture and in everyday life:

“The moment you put someone on a pedestal and idolize them is the moment you begin to move from appreciation to expectation. From unity to separateness. Creating an us vs them model that will never please you…It will just keep you from having a real connection with someone. Leaving you frustrated and alone. Friends – we are all one. We’ve taken different paths, lived different lives, dreamt different dreams but … We are one and connected. Learn from each other and share the rich experiences. Be grateful for the moments you were inspired by someone’s light. Have an empowering day! BE You!” – Ashima Suri

Indeed, an appropriate celebration of others (e.g., loved ones, heroes, idols, and celebrities) can only occur when we create a shared space of appreciation, gratitude, and learning.  We then realize that we are all part of the same abundance that each one of us deserves. What may not be visible is the difficult path that one needs to take in order to release past, go through a re-birth of self, and enter a new present.  Thus, when friends or role models achieve a desired goal, we must celebrate their journey and learn that we can all enable unique and magical dreams – they are possible and limitless.

There is a fierce sense of love and passion in breaking boundaries, going through re-births of self, realizing dreams, and making a positive difference to others.

Visit Ashima Suri at and watch her video Re-Birth for fearless celebration of self and others today.

You may also like to follow her work at  Her latest choreography celebrates creative energy across cultural boundaries.  You can check it out at

Hope this post empowers all with joy!

Keep celebrating!

With affection and more soon,

Samita Nandy

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