Centre for Media & Celebrity Studies (CMCS) Member on CTV

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 Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) Advisory Board member and activist Dr Anita Krajnc appeared with immense dignity, resiliance, and truth in court and on tonight’s CTV News in addition to Global News, CBC news, National Post, Toronto Star and many more – an incredible moment of honour and pride for all CMCS members, colleagues and The Save Movement friends.
 Visit the above link to listen to her latest coverage on CTV.
 As a supporter of celebrity activism, Dr Krajnc spoke on Neil Young’s environmentalism on CTV earlier.
Her current Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway ad campaign and ongoing vigils are gaining worldwide attention, media coverage, and support in unimaginable ways.
She has a dog and sees no difference with pigs.
Her global movement now extends the question “Why Love One But Eat the Other?” to “Are We Eating Our Planet To Death?”
Her next 24-hr vigil takes place tomorrow i.e., November 5, 2015.
Join her movement and contribute posts with ‪#‎Compassionisnotacrime‬#‎istandwithanita‬.
For information on star studies, celebrity activism, and media relations, subscribe to CMCS here and join our growing members.

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