Celebration of Mother’s Day

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Dear Readers,

Mother’s Day is every day for all living beings. It is not enough to give or receive birth unless we can learn, sooner or later, how to support all life. My Mom, in person and in spirit, guided me to critically think, follow my path, and carry her deepest passions. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I wish to give gratitude to family and friends for unconditional support. Supporting my path is honouring my Mom’s passionate gifts, fierce vision, and deepest creations.


I also want to take this special opportunity to thank a soul mother who crossed my path out of serendipity. Recently, I went to a love workshop where a loving mother looked into my eyes, held my hands, cared for me through her touch, stroked my face and hair, and wiped ongoing tears that kept rolling out of my closed eyes. The last time I received that touch was from my mom at hospital 10 years ago.  I am honoured to introduce the soul mother that I met. This beautiful woman is Susan Friedmann.  I met many mothers in the past years, but this is the first time I felt ‘unconditional love’ that is free from conditions, reasons or bias.  I will never forget the day Susan touched my heart, wrote that I can count on her, and showed unconditional love as a mother.

Rochelle Rochelle

I also had a deep spiritual experience that left a lasting impression in Lisbon, where I attended the conference Celebrity: Exploring Critical Issues. A beautiful professor named Rochelle J Almeida (above) came from New York University for another conference in Lisbon but our paths crossed on our way to a restaurant.  She was like an angel that connected and shared the city and its charming architecture, Portuguese food and Fado music with me.  I also felt that she had some loving expressions that resembled those of my mum’s sister (below).  That night, she shared her unconditional presence.


I hope to see Rochelle again.  The way our paths crossed and the moments we shared appeared to be spiritually guided by our mothers in spirits.  After I went back to my hotel, I had tears in my eyes.  I felt it was my mom’s way of saying that she is there for me.  I will never forget the unconditional love, knowledge, and spirituality that I shared out of serendipity… and it happened in Lisbon.

Hope this message brings light, joy, and reassurance in touching another living being in the same manner.

On this note, let us celebrate all living species on Mother Earth and an honour the abundance that we all share!

Have a gifted week ahead!

With affection and more soon,



  1. It’s wonderful to see a photo of your Mom, Samita! I know she would be very proud of you and that she is always with you in spirit, guiding all the right people to meet you on your path. xox

  2. Christine, I am glad you met my mom (virtually)! Now you see the shining person behind me and standing by all those who cross my path xox

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