An Inspirational Tip from Andy Warhol

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An Inspirational Tip from Andy Warhol

Dear Celebrity Studies Readers,

In critical explorations of fame and its irony, Andy Warhol, Pop Art Movement icon, made observations that apply to all in everyday life.

Ongoing creation and reflection on it will bring us to a point where our art is recognized for its finest meanings and social change for all living beings. Everyone can be recognized for that art and not just the 15 minutes of fame – a famous expression for which Warhol is well known.

Hope this post finds you in the heights of your creative power this week!

Special thanks to photographer & friend Hamidah Hemani for sharing the above quote today.

With affection and more soon,



  1. True! When creating, we think too much, trying to be perfect. Who cares! Creation is about guts.

  2. I agree! Perfection often conforms to standards set by certain groups or institutions. Creation emerges from the inner core of one’s self. It is about being in the moment and unconditional learning – not a specific perfection. True art, as self, is subject to ongoing evolution. Instead of thinking according to dominant standards, we must commit to the act of unconditional being!

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