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Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies – Vol.3 2014

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On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS), I am pleased to released the Fall edition of the newsletter ‘Celebrity Culture & Social Inquiry’ Vol. 4. Highlights include: • Dr Mira Moshe’s anthology The Emotions Industry featured on Nova Publishers home page under the “What’s Special for September” section. Relations between fame and emotions theorized in Chapter 12. • Dr Nandana Bose’s latest contributions in celebrity studies and Bollywood stardom • Dr Anita Krajnc raises $36,000 in 3 weeks for mass education and activism • Critical and...

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Samita Nandy – Official Website

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Dear Celebrity Culture Readers, With the love and support of all associates and readers, I am pleased to share my newly updated website  Check out new content in all sections, specifically broadcast media, press, and gallery!  Looking forward to launching the next website on celebrity studies shortly.  Stay tuned for further updates!  In the meantime, have an amazing weekend that is filled with your passionate talents. Your shining path and abundant love are significant for the celebration of all.  With affection...

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