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From Persona to Personal

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Critic's Area | 0 comments

Dear Readers, Hope the first month of 2015 went well for all! I am pleased to update that I completed publication requirements for Celebrity Studies, Persona Studies, and my first book photo shoot for Fame in Hollywood North yesterday. After 7 years of research and writing, I finally completed the book manuscript and its photo shoot in Toronto. Special thanks go to Jeremiah Hill Photography that has captured wisdom, journeys, presence and expressions of writing in deep and personal ways. The above photograph was taken after the photo shoot. Around 1300+ shots were taken within 4.5 hours and...

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From Vogue Magazine to Heroes in History

Posted by on May 27, 2013 in Critic's Area | 0 comments

Dear Readers, May is coming to an end!  Hope you had a powerful month immersed with distinctive moments, open minds, and new creative forces! My final edition for this month will start where one of my latest posts ended – celebrating Mother Earth on the occasion of Mother’s Day. In our everyday life, some of the finest, earthly connections are made through eco-friendly fashion, green diet, and home décor.  The driving forces in these creative connections are often manifested through glitz and glamour in celebrity culture.  At the same time, material creations symbolize and reinforce some of...

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Elegance and Mystery in Fame

Posted by on Apr 7, 2013 in Critic's Area | 0 comments

Dear Readers, I am writing from Kingston, Canada (my other home).  As I was checking Facebook around 7:30 am this morning, I came across a posting on ‘Melancholie Soul, Beauty and Retro’ and felt compelled to share my thoughts on it!  The page often represents Hollywood glamour in the past and artistic inspirations in the present.  In both cases, there is a sense of escapism and mystery that appeals readers.  As you can see, I am not an exception when it comes to that appeal.  At the same time, as a Celebrity Cultural Critic, I find missing links that make famous representations...

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