From Still to Moving Images

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From Still to Moving Images

Earlier this week, I shared the driving force behind the use of still images on Instagram @fame.critic  – it’s more than an aesthetic reason.

Samita Nandy

When I use photography and public hashtags to display living example of changes, it’s motivated by bearing witness @torontopigsave and visual evidence of heavily injured & consciously gas chambered non-humans and / or mechanical interventions into female reproductive organs by & for those who are entitled to produce eggs and dairy in patriarchal settings everyday.  Read more:

‘Entitlement’ in systemic ‘Othering’ needs to be critically considered here.


Courtesy: The Save Movement – Toronto Pig Save

My thanks go to Toronto Pig Save @thesavemovement, friends, and celebrity activists for all behind-the-scenes work & educational photos.

As I shared on Instagram last night, my next wish is to further the use of moving images in feminist ways that my mum and I envisioned. To equally represent and, in the process, voice all females & males regardless of class and species is my goal.

The journey of learning and implementing theoretical and practical skills in broadcast journalism, publishing data, and offering interviews has been long but necessary. I am thankful to educators, advocates, endorsers, celeb activists, and, above all, my dad and friends for standing by – will never forget.

Samita Nandy

Samita Nandy

And now I am looking forward to the next 5 years – in pre-production stage.

On this notes, wishing all a lovely weekend end to July!



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