Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy reflects my pedagogical and methodological goals of imparting an advanced academic knowledge in communication and mass media. I embrace a strong passion for teaching that has been inspiring and invigorating my students to perpetually engage in intellectually stimulated thoughts in a cutting edge of media culture.

My teaching illuminates the theoretical and methodological knowledge of the discipline with additional knowledge of the latest developments of the field in an advanced framework of theory, synthesis of conceptual ideas, and new forms of instructional strategies. My methodical adoption of employing audio, video, print, newspaper excerpts, hand-outs, and web technologies demonstrate and contribute an effective teaching of the latest developments of the subject matter in a dynamic classroom setting. At the same time, I commit to strengthen existing forms of theoretical knowledge that upholds and strengthens the foundation of the discipline.

Interactive discussion is an important aspect of my teaching. As opposed to the 'full frontal teaching' method of instructing, I advocate a student-centered teaching that encourages a shared learning by all students. I encourage classroom dynamics of debates, small group exercises, presentation of view points, and online postings that permit an ongoing dialogue and foster a high degree of student participation. At the same, I offer additional training and guidance to each student for the preparation of their research and papers to advance their reading, writing, and analytical skills and promote their scholarly success at university.

I believe that personal familiarity with my students is important to the development of their individual learning. In addition to knowing their names and educational backgrounds, I take effort to know and emphasize on their academic interests and professional skills so that they may not only acquire the given knowledge in an individualized manner but contribute their background knowledge to the overall class discussion. Concurrently, I also foster alliance among students so that they share and apply acquired knowledge in small group settings.

In addition to the classroom structure, I make myself available in office hours. I also schedule one-to-one appointments in addition to my office hours if students have conflicting schedules. I use e-mail extensively to correspond with my students. I address and answer each and every question with equal significance and my fast responses have been facilitating their learning further. My informal mentorship to students highly promotes scholarly development of students as well.

I assert a strong persona as well and emphasize an engaging ambiance that promotes a conducive and thrilling teaching environment. My friendly personality welcomes students to engage in the challenges of acquiring abstract theories and practical knowledge. My witty elucidation of theoretical ideas intellectually stimulates students to achieve knowledge in strong academic setting also. My future goal is to continue promoting scholarly development at university. With the introduction of my innovative courses, I will uphold my pedagogical and institutional goals of developing the discipline in the forthcoming years of my teaching.