Teaching Evaluation

Critical Communication: Methods & Analyses
MCI 112 Spring 2006

Research and Research Presentation
MCI 101 Spring 2006

Language, Interaction and Society
CCT 307 Winter 2006

Contemporary Communications Technology
CCT 101 Winter 2004 Tutorial 10

Student Surveys - Bar Graph Chart
Student Surveys - Numerical Summation

Contemporary Communications Technology
CCT 101 Winter 2004 Tutorial 11

Student Surveys - Bar Graph Chart
Student Surveys - Numerical Summation

History of Communication Technologies
CCT 100 Fall 2003 Tutorial 9, 10, 11, 12

Student Surveys - Bar Graph Chart
Student Surveys - Numerical Summation

Marketing Research
MKT 423 Winter 2005

Gender and Visual Representation
VCC 306 Winter 2004

"Samita Nandy is an outstanding young woman who has shared her vast knowledge with us."

"She made me have a better understanding of the course due to her educational background."

"Samita is an excellent leader and role model."

"I really admire her strive and diligence."

"Samita guides the tutorial sessions with skill and grace."

"I really liked her teaching style. - Her teaching style was a plus."

"Thank you for your efficient and stimulating teaching"

"Very informative and knowledgeable in what she does"

"We were given much opportunity to advance ideas"

"Looks out for her students and tries her best to make the material understanding"

"Samita presents the course material in a very enthusiastic manner. She teaches in a motivating atmosphere and welcomes different ideas"

"With her outstanding teaching skills, enthusiasm, and organization she will have a very bright future in communications."

"You have been such a blessing in my life! I love your powerful and perpetual enthusiasm during the Friday afternoons. You give me something to take away on my weekends and something to look forward when I start my week."

Thank you so much for an enjoyable semester, I really enjoyed your tutes...they were always more fun than the others"

"Wish to be in your class for the rest of the semesters"


As my teaching evaluations consistently demonstrate, I have offered an excellence of teaching in theory and research through various instructional methods. My teaching had incorporated distinctive techniques of technopedagogy that are aimed at aural, visual, and kinesthetic learners. In addition, I employed pedagogic tools of comprehensive comments and feedback that effectively expounded methodical learning and reinforced acquired knowledge at the same time.

In self-evaluating my teaching, I consider myself to be a proficient instructor who offered strong knowledge and scholarship to students. I offered an open communicative space to discuss and develop central themes as well as alternative perspectives in a discipline of study. In addition to the classroom structure and my office hours, my extensive use of electronic mail, fast responses, and meetings scheduled at additional times met the scholastic needs of my students. As my students affirm, my teaching has led to an advancement of their knowledge in an enthusiastic and methodical framework. Their overall academic development affirms the proficiency of my teaching that will continue to advance the education of students in the forthcoming days.